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Ingen God Jul för arbetare på Triumph

Dear Mr. Spiesshofer

Christmas time is family time. In Thailand and the Philippines Triumph has a “special christmas gift” for 3660 workers and their families: they were fired, lost their regular income and face an uncertain future, in which they don`t have sufficient money to send their children to school.

In its annual report Triumph announced that its Asian subsidiaries did well, notwithstanding the economic crisis. Meanwhile Triumph ordered massive layoffs in exactly those Thai and Philippine factories, where unions have been strongest and most successful in defending workers' rights. In this process Triumph failed to truly engage in negotiations with the unions and therefore violated internationally recognised labour standards.

Mr. Spiesshofer, you as the CEO and owner of Triumph International have to take responsibility: unconditionally reinstate the workers and engage in direct negotiations with the unions!

Best regards,

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